Here at Upland, our brewers are always experimenting, putting their own spin on traditional brewing recipes with unique local ingredients. Our beers—from wood-aged sour ales to traditional ales and lagers—are as complex, interesting and approachable as the people who make and enjoy them.


Here at Upland, our brewers are always experimenting, mixing traditional brewing styles with unique local ingredients, and classic styles with innovative techniques. Our beers are complex and approachable, and as diverse as the people who enjoy them.


Two brewery tours. Two ways to experience Upland beers. Go behind the barrels at The Wood Shop, our sour ale brewery and tasting room to taste our wood-aged sours. Or see where Upland classics like Wheat Ale and Dragonfly IPA begin at the Production Brewery and West Side Beer Bar.


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We’ve been lucky enough to drink a beer with a lot of great people over the past (almost) 20 years. From discovering sours with our Secret Barrel Society to enjoying beer deals and social gatherings with the Bad Elmer’s Mug Club, we’d like to welcome you to the family.

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