This fall we’re releasing a Double IPA that’s hands down way better than Against the Grain’s. In what is commonly referred to in the beer industry as a “collaboration” or “collabeeration,” Against the Grain and us are brewing and canning our own unique versions of Overcompensation Double IPA.

“Sure, the guys and gals at Against the Grain have better tattoos than us and the uncanny ability to shotgun beers with more C-list celebrities, but we’re confident that our new Double IPA is not just way hoppier, but also tastes way better than theirs,” said Pete Batule, VP of Operations.

“Well, when I heard Upland made a Double IPA… I laughed. They can’t stop thinking about us and our IPAs. They know we piss excellence and can’t stop dreaming of being as against the grain as us. Pssstt…Hoosiers,” said Sam Cruz, Co-Founder and Managing Member of Against the Grain Brewery.

With more overall hops per barrel and the highest dry hopping rate (four pounds per barrel) of any of our beers to date, Overcompensation Double IPA at 9% ABV, will no doubt be looked upon years from now as a great achievement in brewing.

Five hop varieties—Warrior, Galaxy, El Dorado, Equinot, and experimental BRU-1, plus hops extract for added bittering—give this beer dizzying amounts of tropical fruit and citrus flavors followed by a piney finish. And if the barrage of melon, lime, orange, passion fruit, and papaya aromas wasn’t extravagant enough, our brewers added essential oil derived from El Dorado hops.

“Some may say we added a superfluous amount of hops to this beer and that we did it just to feel better about ourselves,” said Innovation Lead Matt Wisley. “We’re convinced that if you try both versions of Overcompensation, you’ll feel that Against the Grain should probably stick with what they know best—brewing beer that makes for good underwear jokes.”

You can find our take on Overcompensation Double IPA, starting late October, on draught and in 4-pack 16 oz. cans in our midwest distribution areas. You better believe epic tap takeover battles will ensue.