Blended works of art

10 years in the making.

Ten years of dedication to creating world-class sour beers that are innovative and honor traditional Belgian brewing techniques have led to this moment. What started as a passion project in 2006 has evolved into artistically crafted beers that push boundaries and please palates.

With our new sour brewery, the Wood Shop, we’ve been able to scale up production and distribution of our award-winning program. Here, we’re continuing to innovate in traditional styles and experimental small batches while creating memorable beer experiences with new American sours.

Third Sours Release

Our third quarter public release begins July 20th through July 27th and includes:

Hopperpaw: Our brewers are relentlessly trying to find ways to make new and interesting combinations of flavors so they took two of their favorites, Persimmon and Pawpaw and found that these fruits provide an excellent amount of extraction on a 2nd use. They aged Persimmon and Pawpaw on Basis and then dry-hopped with Mosaic hops to complement the tropical notes from the fruits creating a wonderfully tropical and balanced sour ale. Hopperpaw pours with a rich golden straw appearance with a slight haze. Aromas of banana, citrus, papaya, mango are accompanied by tart and floral notes. Flavors of tangy banana and tropical fruits with slight sweetness envelope the palate. Mouthfeel is dry with mild custard notes in the finish.
750 mL bottles, $25 each.

Blackberryis fermented by wild yeast and aged in oak casks for nearly a year, which creates a tart, complex beer. We then add whole blackberries, grown in Indiana, giving the beer a sweet, berry aroma that blends nicely with the tang of sour beer. The beer is bottle conditioned, which adds a zesty and refreshing carbonation. Blackberry is the perfect drink to share with friends over a plate of good cheese and fresh fruit.
750 mL bottles, $25 each.

Persimmon Bruin: Persimmon was the first beer developed in the Upland Sour Ale Program to utilize a fruit from a native North American species of flora. A popular Midwestern delicacy, persimmons are commonly used to make puddings, dried or jammed for keeping, or simply eaten fresh when ripe. This year we decided to change things up a bit by aging the persimmons on a Sour brown ale with around 12% buckwheat. The brown ale lends a nutty, bready note that compliments the persimmon, turning this beer into something that resembles your grandmothers’ persimmon pudding.
750 mL bottles, $25 each.

It’s first come, first served for reserving bottles, so reserve yours today!

Pick up period is at the location of your choosing (The Wood Shop/Brewpub, Broad Ripple Tasting Room or Columbus Pump House) between August 9th through August 23rd. Payment is due at time of pick up. 

Midwest, East Coast, and beyond

Find select Upland sour ales in bottle shops and bars across the Midwest and in new distribution areas on the east coast (Boston, New York City, D.C., Philadelphia, Portland, ME), in California, and now in Michigan, Texas, South Carolina, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Located next to our Bloomington brewpub, the Wood Shop is the state-of-the-art production facility and tasting room where Upland’s sour ales are brewed, wood aged and blended into the sour beers you can now enjoy at your favorite bars and bottle shops.

Inspired by the places where craftsmen create and tinker, the Wood Shop is the ideal space for our brewers to continue to push the boundaries in what’s possible in sour beers. This includes a number of new and previously made sours that are available in select distribution areas as well as our one-of-a-kind blends available to our Secret Barrel Society and through our online lottery.

Daily Tours & Tastings

Beer lovers everywhere are invited to tour the Wood Shop. You can go behind the scenes to learn how these blended works of art are made and sample some of our 10 sour ales on tap—many of which are exclusive. It’s the largest offering of Upland sour ales anywhere and a sensory experience not to be missed.

350 W. 11th St. Bloomington, IN 47404


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