Good beer made by good people. That’s what Upland is all about, and these are the good people behind the bottles. Our team is filled with inventive, inspiring, kind, and funny people who work in the production areas, the kitchens, the taprooms, and the offices. We can’t list them all, but they know who they are. Instead, we’ll list a few key contacts that you might want to know, and encourage you to stop by an Upland location to meet the rest.

Doug Dayhoff

Brewery, Packaging and Brewery Operations


  • Pete Batule, VP of Brewing Operations
  • Matt Wisley, Innovation Lead/Brewer
  • Patrick Lynch, Lead Brewer
  • Zech Algood, Brewer
  • Bill Mullins, Brewer
  • Bryan McCarthy, Assistant Brewer
  • Eli Trinkle, Sour Brewer
  • Chris Stearly, Lead Cellarman
  • Charlie Newell, Cellarman
  • Nick Nehring, Sour Cellarman

Brewery Ops

  • Tim Spears, VP of Operations
  • Jon McNabb, Sales and Operations Analyst
  • Brandon Cheek, Operations/Safety/-Maintenance Manager
  • Dan Barrett, Controller
  • Alex Welp, Accountant
  • Beth Holbrook, Payroll
  • Nik Cox, Maintenance Lead
  • Ricky Brown, Delivery Driver


  • Joe Tarnow, Packaging & Shipping Manager
  • Curt Dubois, Sour Packaging Lead
  • Brandt Tacket, Packaging Team
  • Nick Warrick, Packaging Team
  • Breanne Siniard, Packaging Team
  • Bobby Fiscus, Packaging Team
  • Dan McFarland, Warehouse & Shipping

Quality Assurance

  • Adam Covey, Quality Manager
  • Rob Conover, Quality
  • Zach Mosier, Quality Analyst

Retail Locations

Angela Schnick, VP of Retail Operations

Bloomington Brewpub

  • Erin McFadden, General Manager
  • Chris Swartzentruber, Executive Chef
  • Kelly Hogan, Banquet Manager

Carmel Tap House

  • Allison Dalluege, General Manager
  • Scott Dougherty, Executive Chef

Wood Shop

  • Steve Rupp, General Manager


  • Ingrid Davenport

West Side Beer Bar

  • Dan Wood, General Manager

Indianapolis Tasting Room

  • Sarah Fackler, General Manager

Columbus Pump House

  • Ryan Forsness, General Manager
  • Chad Seacrest, Executive Chef
  • Josie Forsness, Banquet Manager

Sales Team
David Bower, VP of Sales
Dan Wanee, Key Account Manager
Iris Cannaday, Central Indiana MarketManager
Stephen Zadlo, Illinois Market Manager
Kyle Rehder, Northern Indiana Market Manager
Jem Elwood, Southern Indiana Market Manager
Fred Hillenbrand, Sours Business
Development Manager

Marketing Team
Amber Davis, Director of Marketing
Dusty Howe, Sour Beer Brand Manager
SaraBeth Drybread, Communications Coordinator
Matthew Batty, Graphic Designer
Amy Schroeder, Retail Brand Manager
Steve Rupp, Sours Marketing & Retail Coordinator


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