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Dew & a Brew Tour stops by Upland

How do you do St. Patrick’s Day? At Upland, we don’t believe in green beer, but we were excited to when a green bus visited us a few weeks ago.


The …

Hello, New York!

This spring, our sours are headed to the Big Apple! We’ve partnered with Remarkable Liquids to bring some of our fruited, wood-aged ales to one of the largest craft beer …

Sour Lottery Pick-up

The pick-up period for this lottery will be February 22 – March 8.


Pick-up Locations: 

Broad Ripple Tasting Room
4842 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46205
4-10pm Monday-Thursday
12p-12am Friday & Saturday
4-10pm Sunday*
*Carryout/pick-up not available on Sunday …

Extreme Beer Fest in Boston

This past weekend Upland participated in the Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Fest. The festival took place in Boston and comprised of 79 breweries, all of whom brought their unique renditions …

Coming soon: Against the Grain collaboration

Citra Ass Down and brace yourselves for this news—Upland is doing a collab beer with Against the Grain in Louisville this summer. Like most worthwhile creative ideas, this one began over a …

Get Up in Arts

Our way of starting 2017 on the right track from the get-go is with a project that expresses solidarity, love, and creativity through community and beer. Up in Arts is …

2017 UpCup Competition

Our 10th Annual UpCup competition will be hosted at our production facility on April 29th, 2017 at 4:00 pm, 4060 Profile Pkwy in Bloomington.


Here are the specific details:

Entry Fee: $5, one …